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Keeping the streets of Maidstone clean in the most efficient manner is a priority for Maidstone Borough Council which is carrying out a Street Cleaning Survey to review its service and how it works for the people of the borough.

The Council is working to maintain and improve its street cleaning function to meet the expectation of its residents, with the results of the survey helping to inform the way MBC can achieve one of its key priorities that is Safe Green and Clean and to create a borough that works for everyone.

The information participants provide in the survey will give a better understanding of how people view their area.  It covers all aspects of street cleaning and maintaining the look of the borough including the issues of fly-tipping, dog-fouling, litter, chewing gum, graffiti, abandoned/ derelict building and overgrown greenspaces and verges.

The Street Cleaning Survey is open until 29 September 2019, and is aimed at residents, businesses and stakeholders from across the borough of Maidstone takes around four minutes to complete.

Complete the survey here:

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