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Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) has published details of its ‘Call for Sites’ submissions today – Monday 4 November 2019.

The ‘Call for Sites’ exercise is a key piece of evidence that is used in the preparation of Maidstone Council’s Local Plan Review (LPR) and is an open request for information about land which landowners consider may have potential for future development in the borough, including new housing, business development, retail and leisure.

The submissions that MBC received through ‘Call for Sites’ are expressions of interest by landowners and have provided the Council a list to select sites from that are potentially suitable to meet future development needs.  The Council will work to determine the suitability of each site, and which ones should be included in the Local Plan Review, which will be subject to public consultations and an independent examination by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.

The ‘Call for Sites’ details will be used alongside other evidence and assessments to inform the Local Plan Review. (The next public consultation on the LPR will outline preferred approaches to managing future development and associated requirements and is scheduled to take place in 2020.)

Maidstone Borough Council has said:

“No decisions have been taken on the submitted sites. Not all sites will be needed for the Local Plan Review and many will be deemed unsuitable. However, we recognise the ‘Call for Sites’ exercise as an important piece of work for Maidstone, to help the Council in its choice of land for future development.

We’re keen to work with the community, especially with landowners and developers, to map out potential sites and be clear about what development could take place in the future."

Maidstone’s current Local Plan was adopted in 2017. A review of the plan must be held at least every five years which is a statutory review process that the Council is currently embarking on.

Full details of the submissions made in response to the Maidstone Borough Council ‘Call for Sites,’ map containing all submission and information surrounding frequently asked questions, can be viewed on the website:

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