News MBC to announce outcome of Call for Sites

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Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) is due to publish the submissions from its’ recent ‘Call for Sites’ exercise, which closed on 24 May 2019.

The ‘Call for Sites’ is an open request for information about land which landowners consider may have potential for meeting future needs in the borough, including new housing, business development, retail and leisure. It is a key piece of evidence in the preparation of Maidstone Council’s Local Plan Review (LPR).

As part of the ‘Call for Sites’ exercise, Maidstone Borough Council received over 330 submissions which have provided the authority with a list to select preferred sites to meet future development needs.

The Council is intending to publish details of all the submissions on the MBC website on 4 November: prior to any decisions relating to these sites being made.

The ‘Call for Sites’ details will be used alongside other evidence and assessments to inform the Local Plan Review. (The next public consultation on the LPR is scheduled for February 2020 and will outline preferred approaches to managing future development and associated requirements.)

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