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Maidstone Borough Council is encouraging local companies that qualify to apply for a non-repayable cash Grant as soon as possible.

Following the introduction by Government of support for businesses affected by the Coronavirus, a total £28 million is due to be awarded to 2,222 local businesses across the borough of Maidstone that qualify for the grant. MBC is urging all those who pay business rates and meet the criteria to apply. So far 1,618 businesses have applied but 604 are yet to come forward and claim.

The Government set out a package of temporary measures to support businesses in response to the disruption caused by COVID-19 including a cash payment providing a one-off non repayable grant.

In response, the Council has written to all eligible businesses that qualify and an online form has been created for them to make claims.

Stephen McGinnes, Director of Mid Kent Services at Maidstone Borough Council said:

“We understand how difficult it is for local businesses to continue through this difficult time and are encouraging all those who qualify to come forward and apply. I would like to emphasise that this is not a loan but is a non-repayable grant that could help them.

“The MBC Business Rates, Economic Development and Finance teams have been working tirelessly contacting as many as they can to process these grants so that they can be paid to the small businesses as quickly as possible.”

In response to their work MBC has received several messages of thanks from businesses based in the borough which it has helped claim the grant, explaining the difference it has made to their business:

  • Maidstone health and beauty therapy business owner said:” I cannot thank you enough for the support during this very interesting time.  You have enabled my business to remain open and for that I am so very grateful to you.”
  • Maidstone digital marketing company wrote: “I would like to personally thank Maidstone Borough Council for being so pro-active in their preparation to help award Small Businesses this grant prior to receiving the monies from Central Government.”

Mr McGinnes continued:

“We know that there are still 604 local businesses in the borough which are yet to claim the grant, and we are encouraging all of them to apply using our online form as soon as they can. This money is to help them survive.”

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