News Routine Street cleansing to go ahead as planned

Routine Street cleansing to go ahead as planned image

Maidstone Borough Council Street Cleansing teams will start their routine cleaning of pavements and street furniture this week.

This is part of the normal rota for cleaning grease and stains from pavements around the town centre so it has been decided to resume this work adhering to strict social distancing and safety guidelines.

Cllr Derek Mortimer Chairman of the Communities, Housing and Environment Committee at Maidstone Borough Council said:

“This is part of our usual schedule of cleaning which takes place at this time of year so we will be going ahead with this.

“The safety of our workforce is our primary concern and as the streets are quieter it will help our teams to maintain social distancing and keep two metres away from any members of the public as well as from each other. It will also make it easier to clean.

“We do use a detergent to remove the grease and stains which does have a lemon smell to it. This is purely the normal cleaning agent we use so people should not be alarmed this is anything more sinister. Once we return to our daily routines again the pavements and street furniture will be looking cleaner.”

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