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A Community Focussed Plan for the County Town of Kent    image

The Maidstone Borough Council Local Plan Review (LPR) is currently approaching the second stage of the review process with the public consultation, ‘Preferred Approaches – Regulation 18B’ due to begin in October 2020, with a further public consultation expected in February 2021.

The consultation will set out the main components of future growth in housing, employment and retail, and the preferred locations where these would provide the widest benefits. The public and other stakeholders including parish councils investors and developers can have their say and the council will then review and consider changes to the preferred approach in the light of this feedback.

As part of the Local Plan Review, the Council has now decided to include an Action Plan for Maidstone Town Centre, which will take a radical new look at connectivity, environment and the maximisation of key infrastructure at the heart of the borough. The ambitious plan will aim to attract investment in jobs, housing and other community and social facilities in a manner which will make the town an exemplar of sustainability and reduce the impact of climate change.

Cllr Martin Cox, Leader of Maidstone Borough Council said:

“As part of the Local Plan Review we are developing a very ambitious town centre strategy, looking forward 30 years to 2050. We wish to establish a sustainable and vibrant County Town for Kent, making sure Maidstone has the social and community infrastructure to thrive and move forward socially, culturally and economically.

“In order to grow Maidstone in the way we believe will offer the most benefits to our residents and businesses we would like to create a range of services and facilities that contribute towards a great quality of life. This will include health care and education provision, community, open space, play and recreation opportunities, youth services, sports, faith and emergency facilities. This will be a County Town that we can all be proud of and somewhere that works for everyone.”

It is envisaged that the Town Centre Plan will form part of the Council’s next stage of consultation early in 2021.

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