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Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) is asking everyone to take care, respect and protect each other by adhering to social distancing rules when out and about across the borough.

With the promise of good weather ahead and the official start of the ‘summer holidays,’ MBC is welcoming people back but is calling for common sense and reminding them that Covid-19 government guidance and rules still apply and must be observed.

John Littlemore, MBC Head of Housing and Community Services said:

“The Council is really pleased to see so many people coming back to spend time in Maidstone, but we are asking everyone to follow common sense, and observe social distancing.”

MBC teams have been talking to local licensed establishments about the safe reopening of their premises and a partnership approach has been undertaken together with police colleagues, One Maidstone and the trade to ensure everything is safe for people to revisit.

Mr Littlemore added:

“There has been a huge amount of work into making premises across the borough safe and ready for all of us to revisit. It is great to see the people of Maidstone back and premises open for business and thriving once again.

“However, we do need to remind everyone to be sensible, take care and make sure they are aware of relevant rules before they head out for the day. As with all other areas of our lives that are slowly recovering from the lockdown, we ask that everyone adheres to the government guidance.”

Details regarding the Covid-19 recovery can be found on the MBC website:

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