News Reminder - emergency parking concessions finish 1 July

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Emergency parking concessions put in place by Maidstone Borough Council in March, at the beginning of the pandemic, will finish on 1 July.

Householders are being reminded the resident parking bays will become enforceable once again and they will be unable to use the car parks for free.

The Council took the decision to temporarily relax some parking restrictions during the Coronavirus outbreak to ease the situation for local residents.

However, as the country moves out of lockdown the relaxed restrictions will be reinstated as planned, which includes resident parking bays within all resident parking zones, yellow lines and paid parking bays.

Jeff Kitson, Parking Services Manager at Maidstone Borough Council said:

“We reacted quickly when the government suggested people work from home where possible and introduced emergency parking measures.

“Parking restrictions across Maidstone remain active as parking and traffic management is an important public service, it helps to maintain road safety and ensures access to property, goods and services.

“We said from the outset that these would only be available for a limited period so we want to remind those residents who might be parking in resident parking bays and car parks that they will need to pay for parking as normal from Wednesday 1 July.”

Resident parking permits cost £25 per car for one year and depending on the parking zone people can apply for up to two vehicle permits per household.

To buy a resident parking permit please visit the Maidstone Borough Council website and search ‘parking permits’:

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