News Council relaxing parking restrictions for resident parking bays

Council relaxing parking restrictions for resident parking bays image

Maidstone Borough Council has taken the decision to temporarily relax parking restrictions for resident parking bays during the Coronavirus outbreak with immediate effect.

To ease the situation for local residents, the restrictions will be suspended for resident parking bays until 1 July 2020 within all resident parking zones.

Jeff Kitson, Parking Services Manager at Maidstone Borough Council said:

“Since the recommendation by the government on Tuesday evening for people to work from home where possible, we have been made aware of increased difficulties from families with multiple vehicles. They would normally park close to their home address within resident parking bays in the evening when the resident parking bay restrictions finish.

“Normally by the time the restrictions come into force again the following day, residents would have already left for work.

“As some residents are self-isolating and many are now working from home, we have seen a significant increase in parking within residential areas as the evening peak demand has now moved to the day when the limited waiting restrictions are applied for non-permit holders.

“We are reacting to a situation which is new to us all and have done so as quickly as we can.

“It is important to stress that all double yellow lines and single yellow lines which are of course placed to protect junctions and ensure highway safety, will remain active as it is vital to ensure the free flow of traffic, particularly for emergency services and refuse collections.”

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