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The government has issued an additional payment and guidance to all local councils in relation to homelessness during the Coronavirus pandemic and Maidstone Borough Council is providing help to the most vulnerable in line with this.

Staff within the housing teams at the council have given high priority to housing advice, homelessness support and rough sleeping outreach and support services. They have acted quickly and have secured accommodation in order to meet the possible increase in demand.

Due to the ongoing hard work of the Outreach Service, there are very few rough sleepers in Maidstone. As soon as the team becomes aware of someone being on the street, a rapid intervention follows with an offer of emergency accommodation.

Cllr Martin Cox, Leader of Maidstone Borough Council said:

“I feel reassured that staff have quickly made preparations to maintain services to our most vulnerable people in the borough. This has included securing sufficient accommodation to meet an increase in demand as other services close or are reconfigured.

“Our Outreach Service and Accommodation Teams are continuing to function despite the difficult environment. I am confident that our range of services have the ability and motivation to react flexibly to the challenges ahead.”

Any person who is homeless, but has somewhere to stay temporarily, or anyone who is threatened with homelessness should access the housing service online at

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