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We need your help to reach our target for Maidstone Cares fundraising charity appeal

Although some of us may be coming out of lockdown, for many people it is still an incredibly difficult time and our amazing Maidstone charities are continuing to pull out all the stops to help those who need it. Please can you help us to help them?

Maidstone Cares, only until Thursday 4 June to raise much needed money for those local charities who are helping people to survive.

* £15 could pay for a food parcel to feed a family in desperate need for just three days.

* £50 could go towards providing bereavement support to families who have lost their loved ones.

All of these charities are facing a funding crisis like never before, with some under the threat of closure, they want to be there for you, but right now they need you to be there for them.

We appreciate times are hard for many at the moment, but ask you to please give what you can.

Maidstone Cares is our fundraising charity appeal and all money goes to:

* The Maidstone Family Food Bank
* FareShare Kent
* Involve Kent
* Making a Difference to Maidstone (MADM)
* Salvation Army
* Heart of Kent Hospice – caring for an incredible 1500 patients and their families every year

Here are some comments from families who are benefitting:

“We really appreciate support we have had. I was unable to work due to having symptoms of Coronavirus and could not get out of the house. I have 3 small children and without the support of the food people my children would not have had enough food to eat. It took a lot of worries away from me. I want to say a big thank you.”
“I have been Furloughed and haven’t had my money through yet. This has helped me the last couple of weeks and has eased some of the stress. I have never used food banks before and never thought I would need to. Its great people like you are out there helping people who are struggling. Thank you."
“I have been having food delivered weekly as I am shielded and unable to go out to get my own. It has been a godsend and it’s something I know I will get every Tuesday so I know I will get the essential food that I need. Thank you ever so much.”

For more information on this appeal, please watch the video

Please if you can donate, go to the webpage now:

You can find more information about the pledging process here:

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