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Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) is launching today a further business grant scheme for those businesses adversely affected by the restrictions imposed due to Covid-19.

The discretionary ‘Additional Restrictions Grant Scheme’ provides financial support for businesses that were trading immediately before the restrictions and have been required to close or have experienced a significant reduction in income as a result of the national restrictions announced on 31 October 2020.

It is aimed at those Retail, Hospitality and Leisure sector businesses that are required to close or those that rely on the operation of that sector as part of their supply chain and fall outside of the national Local Restriction Grant Scheme.

The following eligibility criteria apply:

*        Businesses must be operating in the sector (non-essential retail, hospitality and leisure) that has been legally required to close; occupy a commercial workspace within the borough and be unable to claim financial support through the LRSG as they are not the business ratepayer for the premises which they occupy; or

*        Businesses must receive their primary source of income (over 50%) through the supply of goods or services to the sector (non-essential retail, hospitality and leisure), are not legally required to close but have experienced a significant loss in income during the period 5th November to 2nd December

Stephen McGinnes, Mid Kent Services Director at Maidstone Borough Council said:

“We have been given almost £3.4m from central government for these grants and have acted quickly to make sure businesses can benefit as soon as possible. This grant is only open for 19 days so we ask anyone who would like to apply to complete an application form on our website by 2 December.

“The Council’s approach is to carefully phase the use of this finite resource. The scheme has been designed with the intention for approximately 80% to be spent during the period to spring 2021, reflecting what the council believes to be the likely period of greatest impact for the business community. The balance of funding will be held as a contingency for support needs from spring 2021 and to fund wider business support activities.

The grant scheme will be reviewed regularly to take account of demand and any change to the impacts experienced by the business community.

To apply for the new discretionary ‘Additional Restrictions Grant Scheme’ please complete the application form here:

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