News Maidstone Council launches Biodiversity and Climate Change Action Plan

Maidstone Council launches Biodiversity and Climate Change Action Plan image

Using expert advice and views from residents, Maidstone Borough Council has adopted an ambitious action plan to protect and enhance the variety of living organisms and make us more resilient to climate change in the borough.

The plan takes a holistic approach covering new and existing transport and buildings and how to increase local generation of renewable energy and reduce waste.

The Policy and Resources Committee approved the targets, strategy and action plan in October, having already previously agreed to commit £1million towards implementing the plan.

Cllr Martin Cox, Leader of Maidstone Borough Council said:

“This action plan sets out how the council will play its part in addressing the twin threats of biodiversity loss and climate change over the next ten years. We will work with our partners to address climate change and biodiversity together and residents and businesses will be encouraged and supported to play their part.

“The £1million funding will make a huge difference and in addition, the council will also bid for external funding as opportunities arise. It is our contribution to fighting climate change globally.”

The Biodiversity and Climate Change Working Group worked together to produce the action plan, the Chairman Cllr Tony Harwood said:

“Working cross-party, we have created a blueprint to increase the resilience of local communities to warmer wetter and stormier winters and hotter drier summers. By restoring healthy and naturally functioning ecosystems across the borough both people and wildlife will benefit.

“The action plan is a living document and we expect changes in policy, technology and funding to present further opportunities to tackle the pollutants causing global heating, make our area more resilient to climate change and stem the loss and decline of wildlife habitats. It includes an ambitious carbon reduction plan for council buildings and vehicles, with the aim to be carbon neutral by 2030.”

Vice Chair of the working group Cllr Steve Munford added:

"Through the action plan we are addressing the twin challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss and are aiming for a carbon neutral borough by 2030 if technology and national policy changes allow. This strategy is organised into nine themes. These were raised during consultations and are areas where we believe the Council could have an impact. The themes of the action plan are buildings, transport, generating renewable energy, reducing waste, adapting the climate change, protecting biodiversity, reducing emissions from our own estate.”

The action plan can be found on the Maidstone Borough Council website by searching ‘Biodiversity and Climate Change Emergency’.

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