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Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) has written to businesses to thank them and to remind them to comply with Covid19 restrictions to keep communities safe and well.

Chief Executive, Alison Broom thanked businesses in the leisure and entertainment sector for their hard work putting measures in place to keep staff and customers safe. Explaining that although some sectors will now face a lockdown we are positive that this will reinforce our status in the Medium risk level once we come out after 28 days in the 3-tier definition announced by the government recently.

Ms Broom said:

“We all need to continue the focus and hard work that will reduce the spread of Covid19 to protect both the lives and livelihoods of our residents.

“While most businesses are working hard to comply with their legal duties, we have had reports that some are not following the rules. This is not only illegal, but it puts all the hard work being done by those that are complying with the rules at risk. If cases of Covid19 continue to rise, there is the real threat of further restrictions being imposed, which will harm the entire local economy.”

Businesses were also reminded that if they do flout the rules and put the public's health at risk, they will be fined.

Alison Broom continued:

“During lockdown we will undertake checks to ensure that business closures are being observed by the relevant businesses and that those who are open are following sector guidance. We and our partners across Kent are working to support businesses and provide the guidance they need to comply with the rules. In parallel, we are also increasing our spot checks to ensure a level playing field across different sectors. While our priority is to inform and encourage compliance, those breaching the regulations may face legal action, including fines of up to £10,000.”

Council teams will carry out regular visits across Maidstone reminding businesses of social distancing rules and offering support with safety measures. The checks made by Council Environment Health Officers, will also be a chance for businesses to let MBC know what you may be finding difficult so that the team can try to help or raise the issue at a higher level.

The latest sector-by-sector guidance for businesses is available at:

Alison Broom added:

“I would like once again, to thank everyone you for all their hard work at this difficult time, and urge all business owners to regularly check the government sites for updates to ensure they are up to date with the latest guidance as the regulations are subject to change.”

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