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Views are being sought on a new Maidstone Borough Council Economic Development Strategy and State of the Nation Report setting out the Council's vision and ambition for future growth and development of Maidstone Borough’s economy.

The draft strategy is looking ahead until 2030 and provides a set of interventions to help grow the local economy and increase productivity and sets a five-year action plan against these interventions to support the vision.

As it has been prepared during a period of significant economic uncertainty associated with the Covid-19 pandemic it is difficult to anticipate the full extent of the economic impact. It therefore considers both the support that Maidstone’s economy will need through recovery in the short and medium term, as well as how the areas potential can be enhanced over the longer-term.

John Foster Head of Regeneration and Economic Development at Maidstone Borough Council said:

“A great deal has changed since the Council adopted its previous Economic Development Strategy in 2014. Going forward we need to reposition our growth strategy to take advantage of changing economic circumstances and the challenges and opportunities posed by the pandemic. These include; ensuring all our communities can benefit from economic growth, supporting our entrepreneurial residents to start up and grow their businesses, working towards a greener more productive economy, realising the potential of our rural economy and critically, ensuring Maidstone Town Centre has a bright future.

John continues:

“To develop this strategy we have engaged with a wide range of organisations, encouraging new ideas to come forward and collaboration to take place. This has involved a series of workshops with key stakeholders, elected members and local businesses to gain a better understanding of business needs, economic issues and growth opportunities. All of which have taken place virtually due to restrictions posed by Covid-19. We welcome all views on the new strategy.”

The consultation is open until Wednesday 7 July and is available on the Maidstone Borough Council website at:

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