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Businesses working near the River Medway in Maidstone have taken part in water safety training so they can help people who get into difficulties.

Lockmeadow Entertainment Centre, owned by Maidstone Borough Council hosted the training session with Kent Fire and Rescue and the RNLI this week.

The session highlighted reasons people end up in the river and how to help rescue them while keeping yourself safe. There was a presentation in Love Food @ Lockmeadow Food Hall and then attendees went outside for some practical training by the river, throwing and pulling in rescue devices. Attendees came from Asda living, David Lloyd, One Maidstone, Lockmeadow and Maidstone Market.

Alexa Kersting-Woods, Leisure Property Manager at Maidstone Borough Council said:

“This was really worthwhile training and particularly poignant for the security team here at Lockmeadow as one of our guards has been involved in the rescue of three people from the river just in the last year.”

There are many reasons people end up in the river but the main ones are drink or drug related and suicide, the training also included advice on how to tackle someone threatening to jump into the river.

Kent Fire and Rescue Tactical Advisor for Water Rescue and Flooding, Grant Brooker said:

“Every year in the UK around 600 people drown, many of whom did not intend to enter the water. To try and reduce these largely preventable deaths, we’re working alongside the RNLI to deliver essential water safety training to waterside businesses across Kent, which includes how to use a throw line and life ring.

“Any riverside businesses in Maidstone that are interested in training for their staff around water safety and what to do in a water emergency, please get in touch.

“If you see someone in trouble in inland water, such as a lake or river, call 999 and ask for the fire service. If it’s by the coast, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

To take part in future training and for more information please email Grant at:

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