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Kids can bag themselves an Arts Award by taking part in the Summer 2022 Holiday History Days being held at Maidstone Museum.

Limited places are available for children between 7 and 11 who would like to try out different creative activities in a day packed with art and history inspired by the Museum’s fantastic collections.

Led by Maidstone Museum’s experienced Learning Team, the first Holiday History Arts Day features the Maidstone Gentleman Explorer - Julius Brenchley - and is being held on Monday 25 July, with the second day focusing on Costumes taking place on Monday 15 August. Both between 9.00am and 3.30pm.

Maidstone Borough Council Lead Member for Leisure and Arts – Cllr Claudine Russell said:

The arts and crafts days held at the Maidstone Museum are a great way for children to learn, have fun, be creative and claim an Arts Award at the same time. What a fantastic opportunity for kids to spend a day at the Museum with the Learning Team who are so knowledgeable.

Arts Awards are a great opportunity for children and young people to learn more about the arts and artists, and to try out different art forms. They are moderated by Trinity College London. The Maidstone Museum Learning Team are trained to assess the Discover Arts Award. Once the History Arts Days are completed each child will receive an official Discover Arts Award Certificate from the college.

Tickets are £30 per child and can be booked online:

Maidstone Museum History Arts Awards Days

For more information about Arts Awards please go to:

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