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Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) is inviting local key infrastructure providers to bid for Strategic Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding.

Strategic CIL funds are intended to be spent on the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure necessary to support growth and to focus on the provision of new infrastructure. However, it can-not be used to remedy pre-existing deficiencies in infrastructure provision unless those deficiencies will be made more severe by new development.

Providers who have an infrastructure project eligible for Strategic CIL and require additional funding are asked to submit a bid now. The first round of the bidding process started on Tuesday 3 May 2022 with submissions open until Friday 1 July 2022.

MBC began collecting CIL from developments across the borough in October 2018 to put towards the cost of the infrastructure needed to support the level of growth occurring.  Since the introduction of the levy, the Council has collected £1.4 million to be spent on strategic infrastructure projects, in addition it has allocated a further £5m from within its own capital programme which can be used to top-up the amount of CIL monies available.

MBC is asking those who have an infrastructure project requiring additional funding, to please take a look at the CIL Bidding Prospectus available on our website which will provide more information on project eligibility and how to submit a bid: Maidstone CIL Bid Prospectus

The deadline for Strategic CIL bid submissions is 1 July 2022.  Applications can be made online by accessing the form: Maidstone CIL Bid Application Form

Anyone who would like more information, to receive the CIL Bidding Prospectus, an application form or has any questions should please contact:

MBC publishes an Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) and Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) on an annual basis. These should be the starting point for seeing the types of schemes likely to be considered for funding, although the list is not exhaustive and bids from projects not currently in the IDP may still be considered. Submitting a bid does not guarantee allocation of CIL funds.

For more information on CIL please visit the Maidstone Borough Council website page: MBC Community Infrastructure Levy

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