News ‘No Mow May’ in five Maidstone areas

‘No Mow May’ in five Maidstone areas   image

Five areas in the Maidstone Borough will once again not be mowed as part of the national initiative ‘No Mow May’

Maidstone Borough Council Parks and Open Spaces team will not mow the following five grassy areas throughout the month:

  • The Limes open space in Staplehurst
  • Grovewood Drive North, Weavering
  • Dickens Road Open Space, Ringlestone
  • Verges on New Cut Road
  • Verges on parts of Willington Street

This will allow any wildflowers in the lawns to have a chance to flower and support wildlife and pollinators.

Andrew Williams Parks and Open Spaces Manager at Maidstone Borough Council said:

“Across the UK we’ve lost nearly 97% of flower rich meadows since the 1970’s and with them vital food needed by pollinators, like bees and butterflies has gone.

“A little piece of wilderness can be a powerful force helping to challenge the climate and biodiversity crisis.  Plants and pollinators enrich our landscapes and their beauty and colours can calm our mind too. It has worked well for the past two years so we are happy to be part of No Mow May again and do our bit, it will help improve biodiversity, especially at such an important time of year for bees, butterflies and insects.

“We will cut neat borders to make sure paths won’t be blocked and these areas should not look unkempt.  The signage will help residents see which areas we are allowing to grow for a month, we would encourage residents to join in and don’t mow just for May.”

“As a Council we do not have responsibility for every grass verge in the borough however temporary signs will be put up at these five sites we do own, letting people know why these are not being mowed.”

For more information visit the UK charity

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